28 november 2008

Trip to Mali, Africa

Saturday we will leave for our yearly MTB holiday to Africa.
After 2 trips to Marocco we will now go to Mali.
It’s a new chalenge and a new adventure and that makes me very curious and excited.

We will see how that go’s and you may ofcourse expect a report with pictures when I get back.


31 oktober 2008

25% op alle kledij

Vanaf vandaag zullen de prijzen van de kledij aan 25% verkocht worden.
Dit aanbod is enkel geldig zolang er stock is.
Profiteer er van.

31 oktober 2008

Royal palace!!

Last wednesday the hole olympic team was invited to attend a classical concert at the royal palace in Brussels. After the concert, during a reception, we were able to meet and greet with our royal family. It was an honour to be there and I have to say that we really enjoyed the moment. My wife and I were able to talk to Princess Astrid, an experience that we will cherish for a long time. She is such a nice lady!!!!


25 oktober 2008


De kledij wordt binnenkort aan zeer interessante prijzen verkocht, het is dus de moment!!!!!

25 oktober 2008

Team truck for sale!!!!

Since my team will take care of my racesupport, my teamtruck is for sale as of today.
The truck is 4 years old and has only 38000 km on the counter.
Price to be negotiated.

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